Valentine’s day ready


Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. I just love everything that comes with Valentine’s day…especially the pink. It is definitely a day where I like to feel and look my best. With that said here are a few tips I will be using myself to feel (and look) as sexy as possible.


The first and foremost thing I am working on is my health and fitness. When you work out, you feel good. Getting a head start by a week or two can make all the difference.  I have been rewarding my self with cute workout clothing like this pink jacked from Lululemon. Either that or invest in a good pair of Spanx.


That brings me to my next tip. start looking for an outfit that you will feel and look great in. I am opting for a sexy little black sweater dress. In February it is still pretty cold here, so why not opt for something that will keep me both warm and stylish. I LOVE the sweater dresses from Misguided or Hot Miami Styles. The one pictured above is this one from Misguided.


Finally we get into makeup. I LOVE a good slay and I feel the most beautiful when my pores are invisible and my eyebrows are perfect. I LOVE this product from YSL because it just adds a perfect touch to your make up look. Additionally I just picked up this Anastasia dip brow in dark brown and it has seriously changed my LIFE! Lastly I am going to opt for a pink shade of gloss that will look perfect under romantic low lighting at a nice restaurant (which is where my valentine will likely be taking me).

Additional make up favorites

Nars concealer in Custard

Urban Decay Naked smokey pallet

If you’re a person visual like me, here is a youtube video I made about how I will be incorporating some  of these products to prepare my self for the best (sexiest) valentines day ever!




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