Givenchy Dupe


So if you love fashion, then you know an IT bad when you see one. The Givenchy Antigona bag has been labeled an IT bag. Unfortunately it comes with a hefty price tag of ~$2500 depending on the size you choose. For my birthday I was fortunate to get the black one. I fell IN LOVE with it instantly. I really wanted a nude or grey color one but I do NOT have $2500 sitting around to go splurging on a bag.  Thankfully I found this UK based brand called Fashion Drug which offers some amazing dupes!! This Givenchy dupe retails for less than $100!





As you can see, not too much of a difference between the two. There is a slight difference in quality (my real givenchy bag is more sturdy). But you get what you pay for.

LOTS of storage!


It pairs so beautifully with so many looks!

Chanel Dupe

This is a Chanel dupe I found. Very similar but again the quality is a little lower.


Again a beautiful bag. It brings a classy element to any look!


Has one large pocket for storage.

It photographs beautifully and I get lots to compliments on it! Most take it for a real Chanel bag!











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