Women’s Best Slim Body Shake Review



So lately I have seen an influx of fitness pages on social media. A lot of them advertise protein powders or slimming shakes that will help you get the same amazing bodies as the influencers who advertise their product. Out of curiosity I decided to try one of them out. I purchased this slim body shake from Women’s Best.



This particular shake claims to activate your metabolism, maximize fat burning, and improve muscle building. It is also supposed to provide you with energy. It claims to only have 200 calories. If you replace this with two meals a day, you will lose weight more rapidly.


I purchased the cookies n cream flavor (despite all the negative reviews) and I was pleasantly surprised. On my first try I mixed it with almond milk and it was actually really sweet. It tasted more like birthday cake than cookies n cream (but still good). On my second try I mixed it with water (but I used three scoops), and again I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted really good! The almond milk version was almost too sweet so I actually liked it with water better!



(note you do get this cute little shaker with your purchase)

Now did I feel like it filled me up? At first it did, but only for an hour or two. Lastly, did I notice any weight loss with this? Not with this alone. It’s good for a sweet fix or something to satisfy you for a few hours until your next meal. If you do replace two meals with this you will obviously lose weight because of how many calories you are cutting out.


The taste was actually pretty good. It filled me up for a few hours and I did have some energy during those hours as I was working out. I think that if I replaced this with two meals, I would end up WAY too hungry. This would serve better as a sweet snack probably before or after a work-out. I will be purchasing this again, but I may try another flavor!





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