Summer Ready Skin



Exfoliant (cheaper option here)| coconut oil I like to use | Lotion ( also like this one here, here, and here) |Body oil (I LOVE this one here, here, and here).

It seems that lately, no matter the weather my skin just CANNOT stay moisturized. I’ve used tons of thick lotions and body washes, but I still end up super Itchy. I’ve found that the only way to keep my skin soft and supple is to exfoliate it CONSTANTLY. For some reason mild exfoliants don’t seem to cut it. I need something extreme. I have tried soooooo many products, but I think I’ve found a few that really work.

I LOVE this scrub. It is super thick. It has an oil base to it, so my legs are extremely silky after the shower (before I even put any lotion on). I make sure to put some muscle into my exfoliation process too!

I love following a scrub with a mens razor on my legs. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells. Then if you follow it with a sharp razor not only are you removing hair but also removing dead skin you missed with exfoliating.

Next up, lather your skin with coconut oil oil and wrap in saran wrap. Then wrap your legs in warm moist towels. Leave this on for 10 minutes, or until the towels cool.

Finally finish up with your lotion and light body oil of choice!

Your skin will feel like VELVET!




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