DIY Beauty Desk for Under $100




Ok so I have been wanting a beauty room FOREVER. Our second bedroom has kind of been a storage place. Therefore I decided to turn it into my beauty room starting with this old desk.


DIY beauty room

SO as you can see it was a mess right from the start. We literally just tossed random junk here!

We also used this room to work out, so there were random weights all over the place.

The first thing I did was clear everything out and sorted it. I ended up throwing a lot of junk away. I then cleaned the dust off the desk.

So I have been IN LOVE with marble lately. Unfortunately it can be pretty pricey. So I actually got this adherent marble topper. I got two rolls but only ended up using one.

I first measured everything out

The back is nice in that it has lines to keep your cutting straight.

Once it is all measured and cut, just starting peeling away.

Peel slowly

I also took an old ruler behind myself to help smooth out air bubbles.



Once the marble top was placed I simply organized my makeup using some old paper trays from before. I actually do not have much to my makeup collection, so this worked out quite well.




And for the final product! FYI I just added a 10 dollar mirror from target to the top for a “mirrored” backdrop. I absolutely LOVED how it turned out. It is so girlie and feminine. I just LOVE doing my makeup here.













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