Dressed Up Athleisure Wear + Curly Hair Quickie

Athleisure wear

Athleisure wear Athleisure wear Athleisure wear Athleisure wear Athleisure wear

Shoes | Pants  | Jacket | Sports bra | Hair tutorial


Ok so athleisure wear has been incredibly popular lately. I LOVE seeing the look paired with some killer heels too! This look was actually sooooo comfy. The sweatpants are actually some old sweatpants my boy toy left around (seeing that I had NOTHING to wear that day). BTW these shoes are AMAZING. They seriously glam up this look (or any look for that matter). If you live in the US, seriously pay for the shipping on these babies. I have not found another pair of shoes that I love soooooo much (if I do you know I will share with y'all).



Ok so as promised...a HAIR update. Lately I have been needing to get ready in a quickness. Well if you have curly hair, getting ready and fast do not always go together. Curly hair takes soooo long to dry and style. If you have curly hair then you know what I'm talking about. So in this video I am going to show you how I get my curly hair in under an hour. And since I sit  under a hooded dryer, I usually just do my makeup at the same time. By the time I've done my brows, foundation, contour, powder, lashes, etc its been roughly 30 minutes. Then wellah! you've got your hair AND makeup done 🙂


Click here for a hair tutorial



Happy Fall Y'all! Usually we don't get blessed with fall weather so early. If we do, it usually lasts for like a day.-then enter the winter votex. But this year we have actually gotten some really nice fall days. Even as I make this post it is a gorgeous crisp fall day. SOOOO fitness update time! A few posts ago I complained that I had totally fallen off the wagon. Well I got my butt into gear and am  happy to announce that I am down roughly 5 pounds. Nothing to jump over the mountains about but I am still excited. All I did was cut down on carbs, wine, and upped my cardio. Next step: weights (yikes). Welp until next time!





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