How To Glow Up Your Makeup Routine


How To Glow Up Your Makeup Routine

In today’s post I am going to show you how I have discovered how to glow up your makeup routine. DISCLAIMER, I AM NOT a makeup artist or beauty guru. I am simply someone who LOVES beauty and makeup. With that said this is all really beginner friendly. I have done a few makeup tutorials on my YT channel about how I do my makeup. I will say that a few of my techniques have changed up a bit since then. But none the less here are some products I have started to SWEAR by!



I cannot believe I am re-living this. Or what’s worse is that I cannot believe I actually posted this. I think I took this picture down, but nonetheless- without a glow up my skin was just dry and basic. I didn’t know what an eyebrow kit was. Also I had NO idea what lip colors to even start with.


How To Glow Up Your Makeup Routine



These products seriously transformed by makeup routine.



How To Glow Up Your Makeup Routine How To Glow Up Your Makeup Routine


So again, I AM Not honking my own horn. I am no where near perfect at doing makeup. Nor am I a makeup guru. However I totally know what it feels like to be that basic girl on the other end of a youtube video–watching all these beautiful makeup artists do their makeup. And here I am—basic Brittany. I still don’t wear makeup everyday and I def don’t rely on it. I simply like how a few different products and techniques can make small yet noticeable changes. Let me know if you’d like an updated YT video!



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m in the same boat too, I’m desperate for an easy makeup routine but I don’t wanna do the work or research lol. Although a lot of these products don’t fit my budget, it’s great to know what to look for πŸ‘

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