Current Hair Favorites

Current Hair Favorites

Current Hair Favorites. See my most coveted curly hair products of the month. Everything from straighteners to scalp scrubs.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

Ok so this stuff has literally transformed my hair. It acts as a heat protectant too but I use it after every wash on wet-damp hair. It literally makes your hair feel like BUTTER!

Wide Tooth Comb

Need I say more. If you have thick hair you NEED a wide tooth comb. It will prevent snagging and breakage.

Leave in conditioner

Ok so I found this at Target and decided to give it a try years ago. It is super lightweight and gives your hair nice “slip.” Basically I put this in my hair when it is wet/damp and it makes detangling soooo much easier. Plus it gives a nice hold to my curls.

Hooded Dryer

I LOVE this brand’s hooded dryer. Mine is the portable one and I don’t even think they sell it anymore. However this one is wayyyy more convenient. Not only do I use this to dry my hair but I also like to use this to give my leave-ins a little extra amp. Hooded dryers are a form of indirect heat so it is less damaging on the hair.

Loreal Scalp Scrub

So just like with your skin, your scalp also needs some TLC. I found this scalp scrub to be affordable and it also gets the job done. Be sure to scrub your scalp to for extra stimulation.

Bulk Conditioner

So I call this “bulk conditioner” Mainly because if you have thick hair then you go thru conditioner super fast. I use a cheap conditioner during  the week when my hair needs some cleansing (like after heavy work-outs). I save my more expensive stuff for when I do a more thorough wash.

Moroccan Oil hair conditioner

This is my more expensive conditioner. I do not use this every wash. The reason why I like it is because I am convinced this is what helps my hair grow. My sister used this a few years ago and her hair grew like a weed. It is down to her waistline (curly!).

Holding spray

So I don’t always use sprays like this on my hair. Mainly because they can be damaging. however when I am in a rush and need something to hold my curls, then this is what I use. It is NOT sticky like hairspray so it won’t leave your hair stiff. Plus is smells REALLY good!!!

Hair Straightener

So I LIVE by this straightener. It is def worth the money. The first one I got lasted me 6 years and I shared it with my sister. So it got ALOT of use. Plus this is what i use to curl my hair etc. It literally does everything you would need it to do!

heat Protectant 

Probably one of THE best heat protectant for less than 5 dollars. It gets the job done!


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