Gym Bag Essentials | What’s In My Gym Bag

gym bag essentials

Gym Bag Essentials. Keep your New Years resolutions by gearing up for the gym. See the essentials needed from hair/ body sprays to workout gear.

resistance band

Most gyms do not have a set of bands for you to use. Therefore I just bring these to the gym. I usually use the hardest band especially on leg day. You put these around your legs while on the stair master and boy do you get a good burn

exercise glove

So I have had these for years now. Def got some good use out of them. Now that they are wearing down I just ordered a new set. But they def protect your hands from the harsh weights. Who says you need to callus your hands just for a work out.

blender bottle

So I usually bring two of these to the gym. One has my pre-workout in it that I chug while in the locker room getting ready. The second has my protein powder. You’re supposed to have some sort of protein within 30 mins of an intense workout. SO after I workout I mix my protein powder with some water and drink it on my way home.

Face Wipes

I LIVE by Olay. My grandma used it, my mom used it, and now I use it. These cleansing wipes are perfect to remove some yucky grime after a hard work out.

Workout Jacket

So probably one of the worst things you can do to your body is to walk outside in the freezing cold after an intense workout. Stay warm and chic with this jacket.

Heart rate monitor

You NEED one of these. If you are going to be serious about working out and your New Years resolutions, then get a heart rate monitor. It is always good to know your zone and how many calories you are burning. FYI do not trust the machine calorie counts

Body mist

Yes I am guilty of using this VS body spray. It is cheap and gets the job done. Lets me still smell fresh until I can get home to the gym.


Now these are either in my gym bag or I am already wearing them. Either way I usually bring a quick change of clothes. I get sooooo sweaty after my workouts and just feel so gross sitting in my car in my grimy workout clothes. Therefore I change before I leave the gym.

Water bottle

Goes without explanation. Stay hydrated during your workouts.

Dry shampoo

I’ll be honest. The grocery store is right across from my gym. Sometimes I will run to the store after my workout. Rather than going with sweat dripping down my face and neck, I spray this dry shampoo in my hair. It drys things up and smells pretty good to at least get me by for a quick grocery run.


Now I know these are expensive. But these have really changed my workouts. I now don’t have to worry about some stupid cord hanging from my headphones. Wireless is totally the way to go! I feel more free and can really intensify my workouts if that makes any sense.







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